There are many business owners who wonder, “since we are a small business, why can't we host our website on shared hosting? ”. So the answer is, when you begin your business online and later on experience a spike in traffic to your website, you will encounter many problems using shared hosting.  Shared hosting as the name suggests, is an environment where several websites share the same physical server, applications  and use the same resources like CPU, RAM, Disk space, etc.

Choosing the right web hosting plan can save you lots of money and time. One of the biggest negative features is that if one website consumes too much bandwidth, the other website will also suffer. Turkey VPS hosting is more secure and comes with limited bandwidth to help you achieve your business website requirements.

Turkey VPS vs. Shared Hosting: Main differences

  • Increased Reliability:

    Compared to shared hosting, VPS in turkey offers increased reliability and stability. A single node hosts very few servers in most cases. In this way, performance and uptime can be improved.
  • You can create multiple cPanel accounts on VPS:

    Shared plans come with a single cPanel account that can host multiple websites or subdomains. In some instances, turkey vps plans offer a few control panel options and the possibility of creating multiple cPanel accounts using the Web Host Manager (WHM). When you manage multiple websites and wish to keep them separate, this can be a useful tool.
  • Price:

    The cost of shared hosting platforms will be lower. Due to the fact that more users are sharing the server's resources, the cost is split between them. 
  • On a VPS, you can manage your own mail servers:

    Dedicated IP addresses are typically included with turkey vps. If there are any problems, they will be caused by your account alone since you are the only one using that address. Your website or business depends heavily on email, so this is an important consideration.
  • Improved performance:

    A business can achieve much higher levels of performance when more resources are dedicated to its needs. Your site will load faster on a visitor's browser with improved capacity and processing power.

What makes VPS attractive to small businesses?

When you consider that these small businesses have limited access to resources any investment in technology would be limited to the basics. For small businesses, virtual private servers offer a number of benefits.

The most important one is, Control remains with you: Because it is your private server, you can run whatever application you want. VPS in turkey allows your source and data files to remain behind a secured partition. So, VPS is secured. You will get full root access in Virtual private server so that your website runs smoothly. 

VPS hosting allows businesses to rent the servers they need while spending less. Businesses can maximise output at the lowest cost by renting VPS servers and customising them. This makes VPS turkey very user-friendly because it ensures control, security, portability, performance, availability, and scalability.

 Is VPS Hosting Worth It?

VPS servers act as independent servers because they have their own operating system. You can host your website on linux or windows. With a more affordable package and with a lot more flexibility you can get so many benefits at affordable turkey vps plans. Let’s have a quick glance on benefits of  VPS server:

  • Server Resources: VPS in turkey hosting provides guaranteed resources to websites. Users can get independent disk spaces, Bandwidth, RAM, CPU, IP. Even if the neighbouring website uses too many resources it won't affect your website. 

  • Higher security and reliability: VPS is more secure as compared to shared hosting. Each VPS has its own mail server with a unique IP address.This prevents blacklisting of the end user's mail service.
  • Superior performance:  VPS hosting gives better performance as compared to shared hosting. The hosted sites are powered by adequate disk space and CPU resources so that you can achieve smooth, efficient and durable website performance.
  • Save Money And Grow: Virtual private servers are more affordable than many people think. While this also varies from provider to provider. You can expect to save money when you move to VPS. Compare rates before choosing any turkey VPS provider.

If you have a small or moderate business then you can run your website on a virtual private server or VPS or if you are on shared hosting and want to switch to VPS then, 

Remember these points for when to switch to turkey VPS:

  • Your website has a higher amount of traffic.
  • You need better website security.
  • You have a business/E-commerce website.
  • Your website becomes slower on shared hosting.
  • Your website carries a larger database.


Before buying any plan to any VPS provider you must first look at the technical specifications of the VPS. With a lot of websites thriving on shared hosting, many outgrow them because of website security, traffic spikes on websites and experiencing slower website speed and VPS becomes the obvious next step. 

Serverwala cloud data center has 4 VPS hosting plans: starter, basic, premium, and enterprise. You’ll get 1 TB network bandwidth, 20 GB SSD storage with the starter pack. With data center services provider, you can buy VPS turkey at an affordable price and meet all your business requirements. Their Turkish VPS are fully secured and provide full root access so that you can operate and control your website on your own. 

They also provide ultra secure firewalls that automatically detects the malicious threats on their own and safeguards your data. With 24*7 customer support you can connect with them directly via various modes like skype, email or through live chat. 

I hope all the information provided in this article will be helpful for you. Make sure you select a package that fulfils your anticipated bandwidth user requirements.